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Special: Teambuilding international teams

Schateiland Teambuilding


   Actieve Teambuilding

   Kleurrijk samenwerken

   Effectief communiceren

   Klantgericht samenwerken

   Resultaatgericht samenwerken

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   Special: Teambuilding international teams

   Special: Training Management Team (MT)

Special: Teambuilding international teams

Welcome to Treasure Island!

Treasure Island is convinced that there are treasures to be found in every team and in every person. Our experience is that it is more effective to focus on talents than to focus on problems. Our fresh approach and stimulating locations help you to bring out the best in your team. Our team building is both beneficial and fun.

Treasure Island offers:

  • Team building to improve team work and results.
  • Team training to develop skills in communication, management, consultancy and customer service.
  • Off-sites to work on achieving team goals, making use of all talents available.

Treasure Island has two unique islands in the heart of Holland, both 30' away from Schiphol. Either you arrive at an very Dutch organic cheesefarm on an island near Leiden. Or you explore a late 19th century fortress situated in the sea in IJmuiden. We also organise our programs at a location of your choice.

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'International teams who found their way to Treasure Island are: Vodafone, NetApp, KLM-Air France, T-Mobile, Nalco, UTZ. What our clients appreciate is our practical approach and the very Dutch environment. Most teams choose to start with our drives test, that can be filled out in the native language of your team members. In a short period of time your team gets to know eachother in a different way.'